Working Group Laboratories

The Laboratories group deals with issues surrounding testing, safety and quality that relate to the accurate analysis of the fluids, soils, gases and materials found in the ground.

Strategic Plan

To provide a focus for promoting best practice. To facilitate a group approach to identifying and resolving issues faced by laboratories. To be a forum for formulating unified industry responses to proposed changes in legislation and standards.

To encourage and assist Members to provide high quality, appropriate and reliable testing services.

Permanent objectives

  1. Provide a forum for discussion of commercial issues.
  2. Provide a forum for discussion of issues affecting the testing sector of the ground industry (eg Health and Safety accreditation training
  3. Facilitate co-ordination of industry views and comments on new legislation, regulations and standards. (eg current work in CEN/TC 341)
  4. Support external accreditation.


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Position Paper

Laboratory Proficiency Testing

This paper sets out the AGS position on Laboratory proficiency testing. Published in 2013


The EN ISO 17892 Standards for Geotechnical Testing - March 2014

This is a copy of the presentation provided by AGS Member, Roger Brown (Fugro GeoConsulting) at the Laboratories Seminar in March 2014…

Position Paper

Soil Guideline Values: The Way Forward: AGS Response

Published in 2007 The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) is a long established trade association which represents the interests of…

Position Paper

UKAS Accreditation for Laboratories - The AGS View

Published in 2004 UKAS accreditation is mandatory for analytical and materials testing laboratories working on most Government funded projects, with the former also…


An Introduction to Geotechnical Laboratory Testing for Routine Construction Projects

Published in December 2008 This guide explains the purpose of laboratory testing, and highlights factors that may affect the validity and usefulness…


AGS Guide to Environmental Sampling

Published in May 2010 This document is intended to provide practical guidance on the mechanics of the environmental sampling of soils, liquids…


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Archived AGS Publications

Superseded AGS Publications are available to purchase from the AGS. If you are looking for an AGS Publication and are unable to…

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AGS Members’ Day 2018 and Speaker Presentations

AGS Members’ Day 2018 was held on 11th April 2018 at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. The day was a great…

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AGS Magazine – March/April 2018 issue

The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists are pleased to announce the March/April issue of their new bi-monthly publication; AGS Magazine. To…

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Making a Difference: A look at some of our members’ who volunteer outside of the AGS to make positive change for the industry

With over 130 different member companies, the AGS has a huge network of talented and influential practitioners which form the Association and…

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AGS Members’ Day 2018 – Programme

AGS Members’ Day 2018 is taking place on Wednesday 11th April at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. Celebrating 30 years of…

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AGS Magazine – January/February issue

The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists are pleased to announce the January/February issue of their new bi-monthly publication; AGS Magazine. To…


Adrian Pearce UKAS
Andy Symis RSA Geotechnics Ltd
Christopher Caird ALS Environmental
Claire Stone I2 Analytical Limited
Clare Knighton Structural Soils Ltd
Daniel Smith Ian Farmer Associates
David Entwisle British Geological Survey
Laboratories WG Leader Dimitris Xirouchakis Structural Soils Ltd
Geraint Williams ALcontrol Laboratories
Graeme Thomas UKAS
Janice Haines UKAS
John Masters Geolabs Ltd
John Powell Geolabs Ltd
John Wilson The Environmental Laboratory
Kirk Bridgewood Derwentside Environmental Testing Services Ltd
Lynn Griffin Concept Engineering Consultants Ltd
Mark Beastall I2 Analytical Limited
Martyn Bumstead Norfolk Partnership Laboratory
Peter Keeton
Roger Brown Fugro GeoServices Limited
Sam Giles UKAS
Stephane Schiano Geotechnics Ltd
Tim Heywood Southern Testing Laboratories
Timon Greenwood Southern Testing Laboratories