[WEBINAR REPLAY] The Development of a Degree Apprenticeship in Geoscience

This webinar took place on 23rd Mar 2022 11:00
Duration: 1hr

This free to view webinar from the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists focuses on the topic; The Development of a Degree Apprenticeship in Geoscience.

Featuring Dr Nick Koor (Reader in Geological Engineering, University of Portsmouth (School of the Environment, Geography and Geoscience)), and Paul Roberts (Regional Director at AECOM), this event, chaired by Sally Hudson, examined the worrying trend of how the number of students enrolling on Geoscience courses at university has fallen by 33% (net) since 2015.

As part of a multi-action initiative to reverse this trend, University Geoscience UK (UGUK), which represents most Universities who offer Geoscience as a degree, is spearheading the development of a Degree Apprenticeship in Geoscience.

Nick provided an in-depth overview on the trend and Paul Roberts, as Chair of the Trailblazer, provided an update on progress for the new Level 7 geotechnical engineering course.


Dr Nick Koor
Reader in Geological Engineering, University of Portsmouth (School of the Environment, Geography and Geoscience)

Nick is an Engineering Geologist who currently teaches Geomechanics at the University of Portsmouth to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

Prior to being an academic, Nick worked for 22 years on major Civil Engineering and Building Engineering projects in both the UK and Asia.

He is the current Chair of the University Geoscience UK committee and is leading the development of a Degree Apprenticeship in Geoscience.

Paul Roberts
Regional Director at AECOM

Paul is a Regional Director and has been working with AECOM for 35years as an Engineering Geologist delivering Major Infrastructure Projects .  Within AECOM his role includes technical support to the Geotechnical teams across the country and liaison with Universities.  He sits on the industrial advisory boards of 3 local universities and provides guest lectures sharing his experience with the new generation of ground professionals.  Paul has helped universities with establishing Level 6 Civil Engineering courses and represented AECOM on the Trail Baser group for the Level 7 Geotechnical Engineer.  Following this theme he is now the Chair of the level 6 Geoscience Trail Blaser group.

Sally Hudson
AGS Chair and Regional Director at Coffey Geotechnics Limited, A Tetra Tech Company

Sally has 30 years’ experience in the ground engineering industry and has responsibility for the delivery and management of geotechnical risk on a wide range of projects.

She has worked in the site investigation field for specialist contractors and for design consultancies on many major transport and energy infrastructure schemes, on earthworks design schemes and asset management in the road, rail and energy sectors.

Sally has more recently concentrated on business development and technical management of geotechnical operations within Coffey in the UK and is a past AGS Business Practice Working Group Leader.