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Our members all share a commitment to quality in the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industry. This has become widely recognised by the clients, governmental bodies and other associations that touch issues to do with the ground.

We welcome both companies and individuals to join us who want to be recognised for the quality of practice they bring. We also welcome those organisations who support our membership through supplying services to them or use the services our members provide.

We encourage you to join with us to shape our industry. To continually improve practice and collaborate on those issues that affect us all – from client all the way through to the people who use the land and buildings we help develop.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee 6 weeks in advance of the earliest Executive meetings. Given this it is important applications are submitted in full (with all supporting information including proposers and seconders) as early as possible. Before completing the membership application, please ensure you read the Membership Byelaws.

If a company is a legal entity under an umbrella company, each company requires separate AGS Membership in order to be recognised as an AGS Member.

Deadlines for completed applications:

Q1 – Tuesday 31st December 2019

Q2 – Tuesday 12th May 2020

Q3 – Tuesday 18th August 2020

Q4 – Tuesday 13th October 2020

 Any applications (including incomplete or requiring further information) submitted after the above dates will be deferred until the following meeting.

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