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AGS members are recognised for having a commitment to quality of practice and expertise. Increasingly membership is becoming a requirement for those clients that want to be confident in the competence of the companies and individuals working on their projects.

Membership of a Representative Organisation

The AGS aims to influence and educate the construction industry and its clients on the workings of its members in the field of geotechnical engineering and geoenvironmental science to the benefit of both its members and the UK in general. It does this by:

• being a member of the Ground Forum, the body that represents the main industry ground related organisations which provides the means to lobby Government and the Construction Clients Forum via the Construction Industry Council (CIC);
• representation on UK standards committees and other European and international standards committees;
• representation on other technical bodies i.e. SiLC, SoBRA;
• engagement with client organisations, Government and regulators such as UKAS and HSE;
• engagement with other trade associations in its sphere such as the FPS and BDA;
• the activities of its Working Groups to enhance the geotechnical and geoenvironmental sector by promoting good practice and encouraging innovation;
• providing active and financial support to Ground Forum’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion initiative; and
• providing opportunity for people to get involved in shaping the industry.

Membership of a Proactive Organisation

The AGS through its Working Groups and Executive Committee actively works to:

• address the commercial needs of quality practitioners in geotechnical engineering and geoenvironmental science;
• promote and enhance safety, health and quality within the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industry;
• interact with insurance, legal and other professional organisations to provide accurate and up to date guidance;
• analyse legal and commercial activities which may have a negative impact on members and provides advice and guidance to assist their commercial protection;
• seek to protect the integrity of geotechnical and geoenvironmental specialists and promote the industry;
• actively promote and support equality, diversity and inclusion in the industry;
• provide opportunities to all those in the wider geotechnical and geoenvironmental related industries to participate in AGS activities;
• seek to assist businesses and their employees to improve their knowledge of a complex marketplace;
• give people opportunities to disseminate their insight and expertise to others to help improve the effectiveness, quality and reputation of the work undertaken by the industry;
• support ground engineering professional qualifications and the Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (RoGEP);
• promote specific initiatives of value to the industry such as the AGS Data Format.

Membership Provides

AGS membership provides immediate tangible benefits including:

• AGS publications to meet the needs of industry – free or discounted to members;
• AGS seminars and conferences on topical issues – free or discounted to members;
• annual members’ conference – free or discounted to members;
• bi-annual seminar to review and update the AGS Data Format;
• opportunity to network and contribute to the AGS Working Groups;
• AGS Magazine with articles and comment directly related to members’ interests;
• entry in the AGS Membership Directory;
• free Chemical Safety Helplines; and
• free Legal Helpline.

Additional Benefits for Members

It is also recognised by many members that the benefits extend beyond those listed above and these include:

• Heightens the profile of the member or member organisation within the geotechnical and geoenvironmental community;
• Demonstrates the member’s intention to engage and work with like-minded organisations;
• Demonstrates the member’s commitment to training and quality; and
• Enables the member to remain aware of the issues relevant to the organisation and its industry.