Working Group Loss Prevention

We provide Members with information and advice to enable proper management of risk to the benefit of both the Member and the Client. The group’s activities include the preparation of Loss Prevention Alerts, Loss Prevention Guidance, Client Guides and Newsletter articles about current and emerging legal, contractual and insurance issues.

If you have any feedback on the AGS LPWG Guidance or the Loss Prevention Alerts, please contact

Strategic Plan

To enable improved management of our Members’ business risk exposure and financial performance by providing procedural support and good practice guidance.
This will be achieved through the publication of advice in;

  • Newsletter articles,
  • Loss Prevention Guidance.;
  • Loss Prevention Alerts
  • Client Guides
  • AGS Publications and Position Papers

Permanent Objectives

1. To keep under review the following areas affecting members’ business risk exposure:

  1. the law;
  2. insurance policies and claims;
  3. the commercial environment; and
  4. business risk management issues.

2. To identify:

  1. new developments in the areas under review (such as new legislation);
  2. areas of risk to members’ businesses;
  3. trends in good or bad practice in the industry (in the UK and other countries);
  4. changes in the trading environment; and
  5. opportunities to influence and educate clients and practitioners in allied fields, including the law and insurance.

3. To produce:

  1. documents informing members of changes or emerging trends;
  2. advice on how to deal with such changes or trends;
  3. guidance on the current legal, insurance and business risk issues;
  4. documents promoting good practice on contractual and risk management issues; and
  5. response to government consultation documents where issues of risk and liability exposure arise.

4. To communicate to members and others using:

  1. the AGS newsletter;
  2. Loss Prevention Alerts – short papers on specific topics of immediate concern;
  3. Loss Prevention Guidance  – more informative papers on specific topics which together form a useful guidance document;
  4. published booklets – more substantial published documents on specific topics;
  5. Client Guides – leaflets on topics which the AGS would like to bring to clients’ attention;
  6. the AGS website;
  7. the AGS Legal Helpline service provided by solicitors BLM;
  8. the AGS Chemical Hotline provided by Marquis and Lord and
  9. formal and informal contacts with other trade associations, government bodies and other organisations and individuals.

Additional Specific Objectives for 2014/15

  1. Promote more widely the advisory and guidance documents produced by the Loss Prevention Working Group and get feedback on their use
  2. Review all LPAs (for currency etc.) – date and up-date on web site
  3. Prepare a framework document of guidance for Consultants when requested to provide as built drawings
  4. Prepare a Client Guide on Client expectations for institutional and other memberships relevant to ground engineering
  5. Prepare a Loss Prevention Alert on Intellectual Property Rights
  6. Review and up-date LPA 14 – Consequence of damage to underground services
  7. Publish LPA on Net Contribution Clauses
  8. Publish LPA on piling damage to live railway tunnel
  9. Publish AGS Guide to writing Ground Reports
  10. Publicise Ground Reports guide in Newsletter
  11. Publish LPA on sentencing guidance for environmental, health & safety violations
  12. Review Collateral Warranties document and up-date/ publicise as appropriate.


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