The Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) is a non-profit making trade association established to improve the profile and quality of geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. The membership comprises UK organisations and individuals having a common interest in the business of site investigation, geotechnics, geoenvironmental engineering, engineering geology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, and other related disciplines.

Our Mission

  • promote and enhance the quality of professional practice in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering
  • facilitate close liaison between all geotechnical and geoenvironmental organisations
  • champion and represent the geotechnical and geoenvironmental industry
  • represent and uphold Member’s interests in commercial and professional matters
  • agree and publish guidelines on good practice and on ethical and professional matters
  • encourage quality management systems in geotechnical and geoenvironmental work
  • assist and influence decision making within Client organisations

In furtherance of these objectives, meetings and seminars are held each year in various parts of the country and a series of publications have been issued. In addition, an e-magazine, entitled AGS Magazine, is distributed eight times a year to key individuals and organisations across all sectors of the industry to publicise the work and progress of the AGS and its working parties and to present informed articles and commentaries on topical issues or events.

Code of Business Conduct

All members shall:

  1. lawfully undertake their business activities with integrity and in accordance with best practice, with complete impartiality and objectivity and, in so doing, shall:
    • observe the proper duties of confidentiality owed to appropriate parties;
    • avoid, wherever possible, conflicts of interest;
    • advise affected parties immediately when such conflicts arise; and
    • assess relevant risks and liability and, if appropriate, hold professional indemnity insurance;
  2. only undertake activities for which they are competent and shall disclose relevant limitations of competence;
  3. accept responsibility for work carried out under their supervision;
  4. have full regard for all relevant matters of health and safety;
  5. develop their knowledge, skills and competence on a continuing basis and shall commit to education, training and continuing professional development;
  6. treat all persons fairly, without bias, and with respect;
  7. have full regard for the public interest, including:
    • the environment, including the avoidance of preventable adverse impact to it
    • the sustainable management of natural resources

Diversity Statement

The AGS is a non-profit trade association that is managed by elected individuals from member organisations, none of whom are paid by the AGS. The trade association was established to promote the industry and address the commercial, safety and quality aspects of the members’ activities. We recognise that equality, diversity and inclusion are an important aspect of those activities.

We are actively seeking to improve representation of people from diverse backgrounds within the industry and make the industry a welcoming place for all genders and those with BAME heritage. To this end we are supporting a graduate mentoring scheme with our partners in the Ground Forum. We are also wish to support academia to innovate in its teaching methods and content in order to widen participation.

We ask all our members to challenge themselves to be proactive in ensuring the industry becomes representative of the wider population and to give everyone the best opportunity to realise their potential and contribute to the value of the industry.