Lists of references for particular subjects of interest to AGS members have been drawn up by AGS working groups, and links to these are given in the tabs in this section of the AGS website.  The references are intended to be a resource that individuals within member organisations, particularly early career professionals, can refer to as part of their Continuing Professional Development.  Each reference has been reviewed and selected for inclusion by members of the relevant working group as being a ‘must read’ for their own staff and colleagues in that field.

The documents, videos and other sources of information referenced in this section of the AGS website are not intended to be a complete or comprehensive coverage of the particular topic indicated, nor should their inclusion in the list be considered as formal endorsement by the AGS of the references or of their contents.  Similarly, no conclusion on the adequacy of a particular document or video should drawn from its exclusion from the lists.  The AGS and its working group members do not assume any responsibility for any loss which may arise from accessing, or reliance on the material in the references and all liability is disclaimed accordingly.  Professional advice should be taken before applying the content of any reference to particular circumstances.