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Sustainability References

The following is a list of links prepared by the AGS Sustainability Working Group to a number of documents and videos covering sustainability issues. These documents and videos are intended to provide information relevant to clients, consultants and contractors on different aspects of sustainability in relation to the geotechnical and geoenvironmental sciences. The AGS Sustainability Working Group welcomes comments on the list, and can be contacted via

The referenced documents and videos are not intended to be a complete or comprehensive coverage of the particular topic indicated, nor should their inclusion in the list be considered as formal endorsement by the AGS of their contents. Similarly, no conclusion on the adequacy of a particular reference should drawn from its exclusion from the list. The AGS and its working group members do not assume any responsibility for any loss which may arise from accessing, or reliance on the material in the references and all liability is disclaimed accordingly. Professional advice should be taken before applying the content of any reference to particular circumstances.

Climate Change


  • National Planning Policy Framework – Achieving sustainable development – Click


  • BSI Sustainability Standards – Click
  • The sustainability of standards in contaminated land investigation – Presentation by Chris Swainston, Apr 2022 – Click
  • ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering: Volume 1 – Chapter 11 Sustainable geotechnics – Click

Risk Assessment

Remediation, Soil Management and Circular Economy

  • SuRF-UK – Framework for Assessing the Sustainability of Soil and Groundwater Remediation – Click
  • SuRF-UK Sustainable remediation video – Click
  • SuRF-UK Sustainable Management Practices – Click
  • AGS Magazine article – Responding to the UK’s Soil Crisis – Sustainable Soil Management & the Future of Soil Reuse – Click
  • Sustainable Resilient Remediation – ITRC (Interstate Technology Regulatory Council – USA) – Homepage – Click
  • ITRC (Interstate Technology Regulatory Council – USA) – Sustainable Resilient Remediation – Green and Sustainable Remediation: A Practical Framework – Click

Instrumentation and Monitoring

  • AGS Mag Nov 2023 – Assessing the possible sustainability benefits of using instruments and monitoring on site – Click

Brownfield regeneration

  • Webinar series – Sustainability in the Delivery of Brownfield Regeneration – Click


Climate data sources

Ground Engineering

  • AGS news article – Sustainability in Ground Engineering – Click
  • AGS Magazine article – Net Zero – The Use of Timber Piles – Click
  • Ground Engineering article – Sustainability: Shrinking the carbon footprint of ground engineering (article available to GE Subscribers) – Click
  • AGS Magazine article – The impact of ‘Net Carbon Zero’ on the Geo-Engineering Industry – Click
  • PhD thesis – Sustainable Assessment for Geotechnical Projects – Click
  • Ground Engineering article – Pile reuse lays foundations for sustainability (article available to GE Subscribers) – click
  • FPS Sustainability Charter – Click
  • EFFC Circular Economy Guide – Click

Biodiversity Net Gain

  • AGS Magazine article – Brownfield and Biodiversity Net Gain – opportunities and risks – Click

Foundation Re-use