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Early Careers Video: Discover a Rewarding Career in the Geo-Industry

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Our new early careers video discusses the many different career paths which are open to graduates entering the geo-industry.

If you’re a graduate and have studied geology, geography, environmental science, civil engineering or have a passion for the environment, then a career in the geo-sciences could be for you.

There are many different avenues within our sector to explore; from working on small pre-construction building projects, to large earthworks movements, to detailed laboratory analysis. You can be part of a team developing solutions for construction, engineering and renewable energy, or be focused on cleaning up the environment and keeping the public safe from harmful materials in the ground. Whatever pathway you choose, you’ll be helping to shape the industry for future generations.

Take a look at the video for full details.


Please note that industry representatives are welcome to use this video when promoting the geo-industry within schools. For further information email