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Electronic Tenders and Email

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Both the Loss Prevention WG and the Business Practice WG have raised questions about e-business and email that highlight a degree of confusion and uncertainty in this area.

If you share this sentiment, you will be interested in guidance from the Construction Industry Council (CIC). This can be found on the website: and following the links to liability/contracts.

The publication ‘e-Business or e-Business’ contains links to answer a number of pressing questions which include:-

Setting up a Website eMAIL
Formation extranets
eRetention & Archiving
Computer Disposal
Relevant Legislation/Codes of Practice

A useful list of publications for purchase or free download can be found there, including the new collateral warranty for consultants and a new liability briefing which is worthy of further study entitled ‘Managing liability through financial caps’

Note: The CIC is the representative forum for the industry’s professional bodies, research organisations and specialist trade associations. The AGS is a Member via its membership of The Ground Forum.