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EN 1990 Alteration

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EN 1990 Altered to Avoid UK Liability Problems

The head code, EN 1990, has been changed to make sure that civil and structural engineers avoid potentially uninsurable ‘fitness for purpose’ liabilities when using Eurocodes in the UK.

One of the basic requirements of EN 1990, as set out in clause 2.1 (1)P, was that a structure had to ‘remain fit for the use for which it is required’. This has now been altered to, ‘meet the specified serviceability requirements for a structural element’.

The changes have been made as the original version suggested a fitness-for-purpose obligation that would not be covered by professional indemnity insurance. The trouble arises because ‘fit for the use for which it is required’ has a legal meaning in Britain which is does not have in mainland Europe.

BSI is planning to publish a corrigendum to BS EN 1990 shortly which will be free to download from the BSI Eurocodes website.( )

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