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In a bid to overcome skill shortages, 15,000 copies of NCE insite go to schools and colleges every term to tell students, teachers, parents and careers advisor’s the potential and variety of careers available in civil engineering, construction and the built environment.

The AGS is a patron of Insite and helps to sponsor a ‘Ground’ related page in each issue.

Do you have a project that will catch the imagination of young would-be geotechnical engineers?

A photograph with a teenage icon in the background (or foreground!)?

Is your remediation project saving the planet? (or the fish, the flora, the fauna …)

In short, anything with youth appeal is wanted. This is not an opportunity for self promotion. It’s an opportunity to communicate the excitement, the challenge, the variety and the satisfaction that keeps you here.

Contributions can be sent at any time – to the AGS for forwarding to the editor