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Water Pipes: a guide

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UKWIR (UK Water Industry Research) have recognised that with an increasing number of brownfield sites being used for development, it is important that appropriate water supply pipes are selected to provide long term protection to both water quality and the structural integrity of pipes. The focus of their project was the development of clear and concise procedures which provide consistency in the pipe selection decision process. Published data and water industry experience on the impacts of different contaminants on pipe materials have been used to provide guidance that can be used by relevant parties to ensure compliance with current regulations; and to prevent water supply pipelines failing prematurely due to the presence of contamination.

This guidance can be purchased from UKWIR for £50 by visiting:–Services–Leakage/90145/Pipeline-Technology/90146/Pipeline-Materials/93452/Guidance-for-the-Selection-of-Water-Supply-Pipes-to-be-used-in-Brownfield-Sites

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