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Cover systems for land regeneration

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The report prepared by RSK ENSR on behalf of the AGS in partnership with the BRE is now available.

Cover systems are used to reduce the hazard to human health and provide a medium for plant growth by providing a layer of clean material over contaminated ground. However, their design has often been ad hoc, with no overall consistency of approach in the specification of thickness, the quality of material that is acceptable, or the degree of protection for which they are intended. Designs which are too thick result in unnecessary cost, but those that are inadequate may not provide sufficient protection. The Guide will facilitate the design of a cost effective and satisfactory system.

The Guide is accompanied by a CD-ROM will includes a calculation tool to determine the required thickness and a PowerPoint presentation to help the user understand the key aspects of cover systems.

The guide is available to AGS Members at the special price of £48 (+VAT and postage and packing) from BRE Bookshop – Tel: 020 7505 6622