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How AGS Data Makes Organisations More Efficient?

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A series of short presentations about advances in the use of capturing and using Geotechnical Data from site, through the laboratories to report and beyond. The talks will discuss the use of AGS through the process and will include a number of case studies to show how it works for real projects.

For further information and to register to the event, please visit

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Data Management Group Report – 19 February 2015

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Jackie Bland, Chair, Data Management Group writes:

Following our split of the committee to focus ourselves on both the Format and the marketing of the format, we have had one meeting which was entirely focussed on Ground Modelling / AGSi.

Ground Modelling – AGSi

AGS ground model objectives

  • Transfer of derived data
  • Contain only the content of geotechnical investigation report (GIR) – as defined by BS5930 / EC7
  • Characteristic values (GDR) not in scope
  • Purpose of interpretation must be clear


  • Publish as AGS4.1 (for public consultation) – as AGS format CSV
  • Develop and publish an XML version
    • Consider including GML
    • Release as beta version (2016-17)
    • Publish as AGS5 alongside a CSV version (2020)
  • Interface with other projects – BGS/Keynetix
    • Liaise with BuildingSmart / IFC class – open dialog with committee to establish method to progress collaboration

Conference at Geotechnica in July 2015

Julian Lovell has very kindly offered us a 2 hour slot at the exhibition which we will use as a marketing/educational opportunity for AGS4, BS8574, BIM and a workshop for AGS4i.

AGS Website

Following on from the last AGS main committee meeting in November, the website redevelopment will not include any change to the AGS Format web-pages. Instead, it will be left in its current state as a sub-site of the main website. Hilary Derbyshire will continue to maintain the pages (providing she doesn’t retire!) until more funding can be found to move it to the new platform.

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AGS 3.1 publication now available for download

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The AGS Data Format committee wishes to announce the publication of Revision 1 to the third edition of the AGS Data transfer format.

The AGS Data Format subcommittee has monitored the use of the format within the industry since the launch of AGS 3 in 1999. The committee considers that it is now appropriate to issue AGS 3.1 to include the developments which have occurred over the last few years. In accordance with section 9 of the AGS 3 publication the majority of this document includes format additions requested by the industry.

There are no major changes from AGS 3 and therefore the committee have decided to call this Revision 1 of the AGS 3 format (AGS 3.1) rather than AGS 4. The changes in this revision are new fields, groups and pick list items all sitting within the AGS 3 framework.

AGS 3.1 is compliant with the rules in AGS 3 and therefore the ? remains in all new headings and groups even though these are now in common use.

This revision brings together AGS 3, the “The AGS-M Format – for the electronic transfer of monitoring data ” published by AGS and CIRIA in 2002 and other groups and headings, which have been suggested on the AGS website and used by the industry.

A complete list of all additions, revisions and their history is available on the AGS web pages ( The AGS data format website has been updated to display all the additions in this document together will the appropriate guidance notes. The website also allows the visitor to view the field version history and an appropriate discussion threads that have contributed to the changes

It is expected that all registered users will be able to use these additional headings for projects starting after March 2005 but this is solely up to the relevant project members to agree.