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Testing times for soils

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The Environment Agency has issued a revised version of its MCERTS policy for the chemical testing of soils. The Agency established its Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) to ensure high standards of environmental monitoring, and in 2003 it extended the scheme to include soils testing. The Agency’s policy is that the MCERTS standard should apply to all chemical testing of soil where the results are submitted to the Agency for regulatory purposes.

This latest version of the policy clarifies the Agency’s position on in situ testing. The Agency believes that in situ testing has a valuable complementary role to play in improving the quality of site investigation and remediation as well as reducing costs. Appropriate on site testing can be used for improved targeting of conventional sampling, better spatial delineation of contaminated areas, and the development of conceptual site models.

The document has been published on the Land Contamination section of the Agency’s web site at: