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The official launch of the CLEA model took place on 17 March 2002, covering:-

  • CLR 7 Assessment of Risks to Human Health from Land Contamination. An overview of the Development of Soil Guideline Values and Related Research

  • CLR8 Priority contaminants for the Assessment of Land

  • CLR9 Contaminants in soil: Collation of Toxicological and Intake Values for Humans

  • CLR10 The Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment Model.

  • Soil Guideline Values: SGV1 Arsenic; SGV3 Cadmium; SGV4 Chromium; SVG5 Mercury; SGV7 Nickel, SGV9 Selenium; SGV10 Lead.

Much of the documentation (but not the model) can be downloaded from the web.

Publications CLR7-10, Tox reports and SGV reports are available to download from the DEFRA website.
CLEA webpages can be found at by navigating to the Land Quality and then to the Contaminated Land section.