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AGS Client Guides are intended to help Members get their message about good practice across to clients and to reassure Clients that these are actually industry views – not just the aberration of a particular individual or company.

Building on the often quoted (but possibly unsubstantiated) view that clients will only read a single sheet, most of the Guides are a single A4 card – with straightforward layout and even some illustrations.   They are intended to be handed or sent to clients as part of pre contract negotiations, or accompanying tenders, or as part of routine mail shots.

Copies are available from the AGS on request (without charge) or can be downloaded from the website (see Publications).

Available Guides:

  •  CDM – Client Obligations in Site Investigation Contracts
  • A Client’s Guide to Site Investigation
  • Desk Studies
  • AGS Guidelines for Good Practice in Site Investigation Contracts (Issue 2)
  • AGS Data Format