Early Careers Webinar Series – Common Risks of GIs, Identification and Mitigation

This webinar took place on 24th Jan 2024 11:00
Duration: 2hr 15mins

The free AGS webinar ‘Common Risks of GIs, Identification and Mitigation‘ took place on Wednesday 24th January (11am-13.15pm) and was the first in a series of Early Careers themed events.

Chaired by Harry McAllister (Senior Consultant, TRC Companies), the webinar aimed to provide an introduction to safety culture within the construction industry and an overview of some key hazards associated with ground investigations including best practices to mitigate risk.

While tailored for early career engineers and consultants new to work in the construction industry, members of all levels were invited to attend to stimulate a discussion around safety culture within the industry.



‘Safety Culture, Putting Your Right Foot Forwards’ by Jon Rayner (SH&E Director, AECOM) 

Safety Culture, putting your right foot forwards, aims to empower our young careers with the knowledge and importance of safety culture within the workforce, to understand they own a valued and empowered voice which when heard, can prevent harm and save lives.

Asbestos in Soil: Exposure, Risk and Mitigation by Amy Juden (Head of Geoenvironmental at The Environmental Protection Group)

This talk will help early career professionals better understand exposure risk from asbestos in soil and help them to effectively manage it when planning and undertaking site works. Amy will share her insight into what a pragmatic asbestos management strategy for brownfield site investigation could look like.

Ground Gas Risks: Key Considerations When Completing Field Work by Leo Phillips (Environmental Monitoring Manager at The Environmental Protection Group)

Leo will run through practical considerations when completing field work on sites with gas risks. This talk will delve into good housekeeping around gas monitoring and abstraction wells, suitable PPE and relevant industry guidance. The talk will finish with a brief synopsis of occupational exposure monitoring and why this is an important consideration for employers.

Buried Utilities Do’s and Don’ts by Will Capps (Technical Manager, Delta-Simons)

An overview of methods available to avoid striking underground utilities during Site Investigation. Potential indicators and identifiers. What can be done by the Site Engineer to reduce the risk of striking underground activities. Potential future developments. Where to obtain the information required. 

Site Supervision and Regulations by Lauren Hunt (Geoenvironmental Consultant, Arcadis) and Vicki Morten (Associate Technical Director, Arcadis)

Lauren will run through what you can generally expect to be responsible for as a Site Supervisor and what responsibilities you will have undertaking Ground Investigations and monitoring works, both for large scale construction sites and smaller scale projects. Vicki will then briefly run through Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations and other important legislation to be aware of when you’re responsible for tasks and subcontractors on Site.

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Harry McAllister (Webinar Chair)
Senior Geotechnical Consultant at TRC Companies Inc

Harry has a degree in Geology from the University of Portsmouth and Master’s degree in Mining Geology and Geotechnics from the University of Exeter. He has over 6 years experience within the ground engineering sector as a geotechnical engineer with a focus on the redevelopment of brownfield sites for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial use. He has also gained significant experience on linear infrastructure projects across the UK and is an active member of the AGS Business Practice Working Group.

Jon Rayner
SH&E Director , AECOM

A health and safety professional who has supported the AGS Safety Working Group as a member for eight years. Jon has a construction background, but has been focused on ground investigation and aligned industries for the past 11 years. Through the delivery of major projects, and working with industry groups and stakeholders, Jon has delivered safety innovation and improvement for the ground investigation industry, to the benefit of those working within it. As AGS Safety Working Group Leader, Jon continues to support the improvement of safety, health and wellbeing standards within the industry.

Amy Juden
Head of Geoenvironmental, The Environmental Protection Group

Amy is a chartered geologist with over 11 years’ experience in contaminated land. She enjoys using sound conceptualisation and quantitative risk assessment to develop sustainable and cost-effective solutions for sites. Amy has experience in detailed quantitative risk assessment for asbestos in soil, was a member of the SoBRA asbestos sub-group and helped develop their HHRA toolbox.

Leo Phillips
Environmental Monitoring Manager, The Environmental Protection Group

Leo is a geoenvironmental monitoring specialist and has extensive experience of the development of innovative monitoring techniques. With nearly 10 years’ post-graduate experience, Leo has worked on a diverse range of projects including national permit compliance landfill contracts to gas extraction projects and upgrades to wastewater treatment works. In this time, Leo has managed teams deployed to sites with significant ground gas risks and worked with clients, ensuring they uphold their duties, keeping employees safe.

Will Capps
Technical Manager, Delta-Simons

Will has been working in the Geoenvironmental industry for over 16 years. He has experience of operating as a Site Engineer in a wide variety of site scenarios. Throughout the years Will has tended to focus heavily on the physical site side of Geoenvironmental Site Investigation.

Lauren Hunt
Geoenvironmental Consultant, Arcadis

Lauren is a geoenvironmental consultant working on a variety of contaminated land projects with the Site Evaluation and Restoration team at Arcadis. Most recently, she has been working primarily on Site, planning and delivering ground investigations, groundwater and gas monitoring and construction support for active and inactive petrol filling stations.

Vicki Morten
Associate Technical Director, Arcadis

Vicki is an Associate Technical Director, fulfilling different roles on range of projects within Arcadis working with the Site Evaluation and Restoration, Environmental Planning and Sustainability teams. Vicki’s current focus is delivering the Health and Safety Lead role on a large-scale infrastructure project in the south-east of England.