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Guidance on Occupational Health for Contaminated Land Investigations

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Published 14th June 2018

This guidance covers occupational health issues for the intrusive investigation of contaminated sites. Prior to any investigation, a desk study should be completed to identify potential contaminants associated with historical and current activities on the land (ref: AGS Client’s Guide to Desk Study).  The desk study should also form part of the Pre-Construction Information required under CDM Regulations.  Health hazards associated with these contaminants would be used to inform a risk assessment for the investigation activities. Note: desk study information may be incomplete and should be treated as a guide only. The client may need to commission further surveys / investigations or make allowances for others to complete.

Control of risks from asbestos and radiation are outside the scope of this guidance (see separate AGS and CL:AIRE guidance for asbestos – Ref. 9 and 10). As you are likely to come across asbestos in the soil you should have asbestos awareness training as a minimum. Further training is required if you are likely to disturb the asbestos.