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AGS Guide: The Selection of Geotechnical Soil Laboratory Testing

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Published 9th March 2018
In 2016 the AGS Committee proposed that the AGS Guide to the Selection of Geotechnical Soil Laboratory testing should be updated. A working group was set up to review and update the document. The remit of the group was simply to update the document and not to embark on a complete review of the scope and content. The working group comprised the following:
Peter Boyd (Chairman) AECOM
Lynne Llewellyn Structural Soils
Geraint Williams ALS Global

Lynne Llewellyn updated chapters and was responsible for updating Chapters 1, 2, 5 and 7 and undertook overall co-ordination of the document updating. Geraint Williams updated Chapters 6 and 8. Peter Boyd undertook an update of 3, 4, 9.1 and 10. Special thanks are due to Professor Chris Clayton (Southampton University) for his review and update of Chapter 9.2 ‘Advanced Geotechnical Testing’. Thanks also to the following who also provided comments, information and feedback on section 9.2.
C.S. Russell Russell Geotechnical Innovations
H.S. Sidhu, Geotechnical Testing Consultants (GTC) laboratory, Dubai
Dr. M. Bui Atkins

The final editorial review of the document was carried out by Dimitris Xirouchakis of Structural Soils on behalf of the AGS Laboratories Working Group and Neil Chadwick of Arup on behalf of the Geotechnical Working Group