Instrumentation & Monitoring Guidance

AGS Guide to Planning Data Management for a Programme of Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring

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Published May 2023

This document is one of a series prepared by the AGS Instrumentation and Monitoring Working Group (AGS I&MWG) which provides guidance and information on the use of instruments and monitoring.  These may include material aimed at a variety of audiences including specialist contactors, engineers, and clients in the form of specification, scope, and design documents.

This volume deals with the collection and use of data and its presentation as information during a project. It is written as a recipe book outlining the requirements for the management of the data – what needs to be collected, recorded, and processed, and by whom.

The details will vary from project to project and be subject to a wide range of contractual arrangements, but the fundamentals of the Instrumentation and Monitoring Plan remain the same.  A principle of such a plan is that each and every observation is made for a purpose and is acted upon. These objectives are achieved by providing the right information to the right person at the right time, leading to an appropriate response.