AGS Webinar Summary: Sample Disturbance – What is it?

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On 25th November 2021, the AGS held their most successful webinar to date on the subject of, Sample Disturbance – What is it? This free, virtual event was sponsored by SOCOTEC and saw over 1000 delegates register to attend from over 40 countries across the globe.

The event was spearheaded by Peter Reading with an aim to stimulate a discussion and start a process whereby the industry can start to decide on factors which might build a disturbance classification.

The webinar itself was chaired by Sally Hudson (AGS Chair and Regional Manager & Associate at Coffey Geotechnics Limited), and our three guest speakers included David Norbury, John Powell and Tom Lunne.

David Norbury (Director at David Norbury Ltd) discussed sampling methods and sample disturbance and checking up on the disturbance. John Powell sparked a debate on sample disturbance in stiff clay and finally, Tom Lunne (Expert adviser at Norwegian Geotechnical Institute) looked at sample disturbance in soft clay, causes and how it can be assessed. The event finished with a joint Q&A and discussion on samples.

This webinar also covered:
· The sampling process and methods which may provide a Class 1 sample
· What constitutes a Class 1 sample and how do we recognise sample disturbance
· Are there grades of disturbance what is acceptable
· Should there be a scale to enable technicians and laboratories to recognise and report the degree of disturbance

This virtual seminar and all speaker presentations are available for free view on the AGS website. Click HERE for full information.