Sample Disturbance: what is it?

25th Nov 2021 11:00
Duration: 2hr

The aim of this free webinar is to stimulate a discussion and start a process whereby we can begin to decide on factors which might build to be a disturbance classification.

Both EC7 and BS5930 suggests that there are five quality classes of sample which can be obtained from intrusive ground investigation, some are quite self-explanatory however for strength and deformation testing we are advised to use Class 1 samples.

This webinar will ask what constitutes a class 1 sample – the codes suggest that to obtain class 1 samples we should use techniques such as thin wall sample tubes or rotary coring methods. However, practitioners and laboratory technicians alike will tell you that even with these methods many samples are evidently disturbed and not class 1, it is therefore certain that by using one of these suggested methods that a class 1 sample is not necessarily achieved.

This webinar will look at:
· The sampling process and methods which may provide a class 1 sample
· What constitutes a class 1 sample and how do we recognise sample disturbance
· Are there grades of disturbance what is acceptable
· Should there be a scale to enable technicians and laboratories to recognise and report the degree of disturbance

Attendees can expect to learn:
· The sampling process and what influences sample disturbance
· What makes a class 1 sample and why is it so important
· The differences between the sample classes and the effect on sample behaviour and measured parameters
· How to visually identify sample disturbance

This webinar will be of interest to engineers of all grades; practitioners; specifiers; laboratories and investigation designers.

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