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AGS Contaminated Land Working Group – Update

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Alex Lee, AGS Contaminated Land Working Group Leader, has provided an update on the top issues the Contaminated Land Working Group discussed at their last meeting which took place virtually in July 2021.

Client’s Guides

The AGS CLWG are currently in the process of revising A Client’s Guide to Desk Studies and Reference List. The CLWG are also in the final stages of producing A Client’s Guide to Geoenvironmental Reports, which is being reviewed by the group ahead of publishing.


At the last meeting, the CLWG discussed sustainability, which may lead to a sub-group to work collaboratively on looking at sustainable site investigations and providing advice to AGS members on this.


The CLWG have provided feedback on HSG248 and concerns from both CLWG and the AGS Labs WG were considered at the meeting. Representatives from the CLWG and Labs WG will continue to be involved with further discussions within the wider industry regarding this document.

ERES Codes

Members of the CLWG are involved with a sub-group which is assisting with the review of ERES codes.

Working Outside Of The AGS

The AGS Contaminated Land Working Group have many members who are involved in a range of different projects and working groups; SAGTA C4SL project, the National Brownfield Forum, SiLC, SoBRA and more. This enables us to share new information within the Group but also relay the position of the AGS CLWG outside of the organisation.

If you interested in joining the AGS Contaminated Land Working Group, please contact the AGS Secretariat at