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AGS Award Results 2021

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The results are in! We’re pleased to announce the winners of this years AGS Awards:

Loss Prevention

  • Rachel Griffiths (Award)
  • Russell Jones (Award)

Instrumentation and Monitoring

  • Philip Child (Award)


  • Julian Lovell (Commendation)
  • Madeleine Bardsley (Commendation)

Contaminated Land

  • Mike Smith (Commendation)

Services to the Association

  • Jim Cook (Award)

Data Management Working Group

  • Mark Bevan (Award)
  • Tony Daly (Award)
  • Romain Arnould (Award)
  • Steve Walthall (Award)
  • Jerome Chamfray (Award)
  • Ian Linton (Award)
  • Philip Child (Award)
  • David Entwisle (Award)
  • Edd Lewis (Award)
  • Len Threadgold (Award)
  • Jackie Bland (Award)
  • Simon Miles (Award)
  • Leon Warrington (Award)
  • Paul Chaplin (Award)
  • Joshua Bradley (Award)
  • David Farmer (Award)
  • Craig Brown (Award)
  • Phil Wade (Award)
  • Peter Hepton (Award)
  • Roger Chandler (Award)
  • Neil Chadwick (Award)


All Award and Commendation winners had been nominated by their prospective Working Group Leaders before being formally confirmed by our then AGS Officers; Julian Lovell, Sally Hudson, Neil Parry and Ken Marsh.

Congratulations once again to you all.