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UKAS Inspection Bodies Surveying Contaminated Land for Asbestos

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The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) is establishing a pilot programme for the development of accreditation for ‘ISO 17020:2012 for the surveying of contaminated land for the presence of asbestos’. Essentially, asbestos surveyors (conversant with building surveys relating to management, refurbishment or demolition) could be undertaking the work of a contaminated land professional – without the relevant training, experience, competency or accreditation for investigating potentially contaminated land.

UKAS has held discussions with a number of parties regarding accreditation including representatives of the AGS, the National Brownfield Forum and SAGTA. These parties have raised considerable concerns principally because the proposals fail to understand the contaminated land investigation process.

UKAS has failed to address these concerns and the AGS Contaminated Land Working Group now feel we need to take this issue to our members and we are asking for your feedback by answering the poll below.

If you wish to provide further comments please do so.

The results of this poll will be shared with UKAS. The poll will close on 15th January 2021.