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AGS Awards 2019

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This year’s AGS Awards took place during the Annual General Meeting at AGS Annual Conference 2019 on Wednesday 3rd April at the National Motorcycle Museum, in Birmingham.

A select number of AGS Working Group Members, who were nominated by their Working Group Leaders, were presented with awards and commendations by Neil Parry, AGS Chair, to thank them for their contribution and dedication to the AGS over the past year.

AGS Award Winners 2019
AGS Executive Award
Matthew Baldwin
Matthew chaired the AGS between 2015 and 2017, overseeing some significant changes in the way the Association operates and interacts with its members. He was instrumental in the setting up of a Geotechnical Working Group and has always been a strong believer in the successful delivery of the output of all our working groups to the membership. Prior to becoming chair Matthew was Leader of the Business Practice Working Group, which focused on making the AGS relevant and accessible during his tenure. He sees the AGS as a mark of quality and during the years where he has been a member has fervently promoted this aim.

AGS Business Practice Working Group Award
John Talbot
John has been a stalwart of the AGS for decades and has been instrumental in working with the Business Practice Working Group to ensure the AGS’s values are maintained, membership applicants meet the requirements and that AGS governance is maintained at a high level. He has been a primary source for compliance and has been instrumental in revisions of the AGS Byelaws, Articles, Membership Criteria and Membership Values amongst many others. He chaired the committee with vigour and control and has worked selflessly for the good of the AGS and its members.

AGS Contaminated Land Working Group Award
Marian Markham of Jacobs
For her work on updating the AGS Asbestos in Soils guidance.

AGS Geotechnical Working Group Award
Chris Raison of Raison Foster Associates
Chris is a founding member of the Geotechnical Working Group and is a well-known industry figure and a long-term supporter of the AGS. Chris is a highly experienced Geotechnical Engineer and well respected for his clarity and independence of thought. He has used this knowledge and his industry contacts to represent the UK in term of the drafting of amendments to the new Eurocode 7 suite of standards. Chris is passionate about the role and status of the Geotechnical Engineer in the construction industry and is a strong advocate of the importance of suitable consideration of geotechnical risk in the development of all projects. He has represented the Geotechnical Engineering Industry in a variety of institutions in the UK and has written thought provoking articles for the ICE and at various conferences as well as for the AGS. We can think of no better person to receive an AGS award on behalf of the Geotechnical Engineering Working Group.

AGS Laboratories Working Group Award
Dave Entwisle
For his long-time service to the geological and geotechnical community as a now retired (before April 3) BGS employee, active participation in various AGS groups and standard development.

AGS Loss Prevention Working Group Award
Zita Mansi of Beale & Co
This is to reflect her long-standing contribution to the AGS and the Loss Prevention Working Group over more than 10 years. Zita has been instrumental in the research and preparation of numerous Loss Prevention Alerts and Newsletter articles, as well as providing the first responder on the AGS Legal Helpline. Where other members of the LPWG have drafted Alerts, Articles and Guidance Zita has been generous with her time and always helpful in subjecting those documents to legal scrutiny. Her comments are always kind, useful and improve the advice to Members. In particular, Zita was instrumental in the up-dating of the Loss Prevention Guidance papers where she was able to use her contacts to find a barrister able to conduct the legal up-date to all the 20+ papers. Without this help, the Papers could not have been published and would have to have been archived and lost as a most valuable resource for AGS Members. Zita is now leaving BLM but has persuaded her new firm (Beale & Co) to become members and the new hosts of the Loss Prevention Working Group (and to keep the Legal Helpline running from this new location).
On the basis of all of this invaluable contribution, we would very much like to recognise Zita’s significant contribution to the AGS and the Loss Prevention Working Group with an AGS Award.

AGS Safety Working Group Award
Peter Boyd
Peter has been an invaluable member of the AGS Safety Working Group and has created several concise and excellent guidance documents during his time in the group and also produced some informative articles in the AGS magazine. Peter announced his retirement from the group at the end of 2018 and this is a reward for all his hard work.

AGS Commendations 2019
AGS Safety Working Group Commendation
Marian Markham of Jacobs