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Eurocode 7 letter

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Dear Editor

I have been delivering lectures on EC7 parts 1 and 2 for a while now, and I remain amazed and appalled at the level of ignorance amongst our colleagues about the status of the EC7 documents, particularly the TC341 Standards, and the associated changes to the UK National Standards. I know that BSI update their indexes and provide update news, and I know that we have tried publication in Ground Engineering and lectures around the country, and these efforts should all continue. Nevertheless, at a recent lecture in Cambridge (regional group) only one out of about 60 present knew about the implemented standards, and that one had attended a previous lecture.

Part of the problem may be that there is no one location where this information is pulled together, so I have done this on my website.  I am offering to maintain this simple tabulation of the current status for the benefit of others.

The link is


David Norbury