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One of the benefits of using the AGS Format for the transfer of SI data is that it can be used in any software programme without the need to re-key. However FPS Members report that by the time the data reaches them it has often been translated into *pdf format and become unusable except as a hard copy report.

Piling contractors have been slow to adopt the format and to acknowledge its advantages. They will be even slower, however, if they are denied the benefits.

Registered User Logo

If you are a registered user of Edition 3, you will have received a logo, as part of your registration pack, which identifies you as a registered user. This logo should be used on reports, documents and data. It will indicate to the end user that at some stage electronic data has been produced. In many cases (even if the *pdf problem has been avoided) the data travels through several hands, and arrives with the pile designer in hard copy only. The presence of the logo will alert the data user that it will be worth while making enquiries up the line to obtain electronic information.

USE THE LOGO and let everybody benefit.