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“The Geology of Site Investigation Boreholes from Hong Kong”

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AGS (Hong Kong) have announced the publication of the above title. The author is Chris Fletcher but in an effort to promote the development of good practice in the industry AGS(HK) has played a significant role in the publication.

Described by the author as a ‘Practical Guide for Geologists and Engineers’, the book Is the first of its kind in concentrating on illustrations and geological interpretations of samples of rock and soil obtained from boreholes throughout Hong Kong. All the main groups of rocks and many of the individual rock types present in Hong Kong are covered in terms of composition, distribution, geological setting and site examples. Hydrothermal alteration, deformation and weathering are also addressed, and there are sections on superficial deposits and karst.

A review by Diamad Campbell (GEO) concludes: The range of lithologies and materials addressed is extensive, and the illustrations in particular comprise a very valuable resource for geologists and engineers working in Hong Kong. Although practitioners using the book should bear in mind that it presents the author’s personal view of interpretation of samples obtained in site investigation boreholes, the book is recommended to anyone interested in the geology of Hong Kong.

For copies: AGS(HK), c/o Benaim (China) Ltd, 25/F SUP Tower, 75-83 Kings Road, North Point, Hong Kong. (Payment by bankers order only made payable to AGS(HK) – HK$200 inc. p+p)