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The AGS Safety Manual for Investigation Sites was first published in 1992. It has now been extensively revised and extended to reflect the changes in health and safety law and codes of practice which have been introduced in recent years. The manual is designed to provide mangers and supervisors with an easy-to-follow, practical guide to Health and Safety legislation. It will help them understand and maintain the high standards of health and safety required on investigation sites and in offices, both on- and off-site. For ease of use, the manual has been divided into two parts. Part I, which includes Sections 1 to 10 describes in outline current Health and Safety Legislation, while Part II provides guidance and procedures. Each chapter in the manual begins with a list of the main topics covered by the chapter and ends with a list of references from which further and more detailed information may be obtained about the topics covered in the chapter. A model Health and Safety Plan has been included at the end of the manual for users to refine and extend as appropriate to their projects. Whilst some of the legislation is quite specific in its application, other codes of regulations apply to almost every aspect of work. For example, the Display Screen Equipment regulations apply only to workstations incorporating equipment such as VDU’s whereas the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations apply wherever employees or the self employed are at work. For this reason and to avoid repetition of text, many of the chapters in the manual contain cross- references to other chapters. COST Members Non Members Looseleaf Folder £50 £150 CD* £80 £240 Both £100 £300

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