The Geotechnical Data Conference

1st Dec 2022
The Burlington Hotel, Birmingham [ View on map ]






REGISTRATION: 08:30 – 09:30

CONFERENCE: 09:30 – 16:00

The Geotechnical Data Conference 2022 took place on Thursday 1st December 2022 at The Burlington Hotel in Birmingham.

This year’s conference presented current developments and investigated the future of ‘AGS Electronic Transfer of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data (AGS 4.1.1)’, a new open-source Validator and formally releases AGSi the AGS’ ground modelling transfer format. This included a review of the AGS Data Management Working Group’s input into the new ‘UK Specification for Ground Investigation, Edition 3’ (Yellow Book) and the updated requirements for data transfer/sharing.

The conference welcomed questions from attendees (submitted in advance) on the overall AGS Data Format ‘experience’, lessons learned, irritations, suggested improvements for the future with discussion from a panel of experts.

There was also a unique insight from major infrastructure asset owners on their vision of the importance and use of data in large organisations both now and in the future.



AGS 4.1: An Update

Jackie Bland, Principal Ground Investigation Data Manager at Structural Soils and AGS Data Format Working Group Leader 

This talk will provide an update on the AGS’ Data Management Working Group work on ‘Electronic Transfer of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data AGS4’ reprising the changes made in AGS 4.1 (December 2020) and the subsequent minor update AGS 4.1.1 (March 2022).


AGSi: The Launch of V1.0.0

Neil Chadwick, Director, Digital Geotechnical and Jerôme Chamfray, Chief Geo-digital Engineer, Jacobs

AGSi is a schema and transfer format for the exchange of ground model and interpreted data, for use in the geotechnical, geological, hydrogeological and geo-environmental domains. This presentation, which marks the formal release of version 1.0 of AGSi, will provide a brief overview of the format including discussion of potential use cases.


OpenSource AGS Validator and AGS 4 Python Library 

Roger Chandler, Director, Geotechnical Information Management, Seequent 

Getting confirmation that your AGS is valid has been difficult in the past as AGS checkers check differently. The AGS committee are pleased to announce that the AGS Validator and AGS 4 Python Library’s release now resolves this problem with one source of validation. Roger will introduce this project and present how it can be used as a standalone tool or within other applications. 


AGS 4.2 In situ Testing Update 

Phil Wade, Managing Director, Datgel 

The in situ testing subcommittee comprises of members from a cross section of the geotechnical community. We have developed a draft update for cone penetration test (CPT) and Pressuremeter (PMT) groups, these are almost ready for public comment and testing. Our future roadmap includes development of new groups for the following currently unsupported in situ tests: Flat Plate Dilatometer (DMT), Downhole seismic testing, Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD), and Panda DCP. 


Transferring Advanced Geotechnical Laboratory Test Data using AGS – A New Approach 

Tom Smith, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Ørsted 

AGS 4.1 generally provides only summarised results of geotechnical advanced laboratory tests. However, modern design approaches may require more comprehensive datasets, e.g. continuous stress-strain values measured in triaxial tests. A new “measured data” group is therefore proposed, which aims to standardise the nomenclature, format and transfer of measured laboratory test data. 


AGS Piling: An update

Neil Chadwick, Director, Digital Geotechnical

AGS piling is the working title for a data transfer format for piling data which includes design schedule information, the construction record and as built information. It is being developed by AGS in collaboration with the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS), with support from the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI). This presentation will provide an update on recent progress.


Building Offshore Wind Farms on AGS Data 

Jonathan White, Geotechnical Engineer, Ørsted 

In an increasingly competitive market, offshore wind developers must do more, and in less time, with the site investigation data they acquire. This presentation explores the importance of AGS data in enabling developers to exploit potential time and cost savings offered through automated analysis methods and machine learning techniques. 


A View from the Geospatial Commission 

Callum Irving, Lead Geospatial Data and Standards Advisor, Cabinet Office – Geospatial Commission   

A review of recent digital, data, and technology work from the Geospatial Commission and how it fits within wider government policy.  Including our FAIR work (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-useable), our work with the British Geological Survey and Infrastructure Projects Authority on the construction playbook NEC/JCT contract clauses, and the recent paper on measuring the economic value of geospatial data. 

National Highways Geotechnical Data Improvements: Better Use of AGS Data

Verity Wadesmith, Principal Geotechnical Engineer at Mott MacDonald 

National Highways have been long time supporters of the AGS format with functionality available for the storage and display of AGS data within the Geotechnical and Drainage Management Service (GDMS).  Currently hosting over 800 AGS files, National Highways wants to ensure that these are referenced and re-used as effectively as possible, and that new data coming into the system is of consistent high quality.  Improving quality and access to AGS data adds significant value to preliminary ground modelling and limits unnecessary duplication of ground investigations. Saving time, money, disruption to road users and exposure of the supply chain to unnecessary risk on the network.  This presentation will summarise the work National Highways have done to improve the quality and access to the AGS data that they host and showcase the potential benefits to the wider industry.


Data and the Challenges from a Client’s Perspective

Pamela Rigby, Principal Geotechnical Engineer, United Utilities

The presentation will review the use of AGS as it impacts United Utilities. This will cover the advantages/benefits we have seen as well as the challenges faced in a fast paced delivery environment.


Working with AGS data in Mathematica Notebooks

Ian Williams, Director at GeoConsult Limited and Ground Investigation Limited

The AGS data transfer format was introduced in 1992.  Thirty years later, using AGS data to its full potential in geotechnical and geoenvironmental practice remains challenging. This presentation shows how Mathematica notebooks provides an elegant solution by combining word processing with powerful computational and visualisation capabilities, concluding with a live demonstration showing a small selection of available data manipulation tasks and outputs that can be generated.


Presentation: A Light Touch on Complicated Tech and Use of Data and Future of Open-Source Software 

Tony Daly, Managing Director, Amageo Limited

Tony will discuss how companies can embrace open source software to make the most of their geotechnical data. He will demonstrate examples of open source applications that can be used now, to improve workflow and visualisation of data and will provide a glimpse to the possible, ‘open’ future. 


Highlights of Revised UK Specification for Ground Investigation: 2022

Julian Lovell, Immediate Past AGS Chair and Managing Director at Equipe Group

Following publication of the new ‘Yellow Book’ this year, Julian will focus on the Digital Data provision within the document, highlighting the difference between ‘Digital Data’ and ‘Digital Information’, the requirement for provision of ‘AGS Digital Data’ throughout the document and examples for inclusion in section S1.24.17 ‘Contract restrictions/relaxations’.





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Terrasol is a French high added-value geotechnical engineering consultancy company, part of the Setec multi-disciplinary engineering group. Terrasol’s expertise covers all aspects of the geotechnical field but goes further with knowledge sharing commitment with the engineering community and geotechnical software development. Terrasol will soon launch the web platform Orbow that houses an AGS based database linked to various analysis and calculations tools.


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Jackie Bland
Principal Ground Investigation Data Manager at Structural Soils and AGS Data Format Working Group Leader

Jackie has worked in the geotechnical industry since 1989 and has been closely involved with the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) ‘Electronic Transfer of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data’ since its inception in 1990 (AGS 1.0). In 2010 she took over the Chairmanship of the Data Management Working Group responsible for its continued development and progress.

Neil Chadwick 
Director, Digital Geotechnical Ltd 

Neil is a geotechnical engineer with special expertise in data management and the application of digital technologies in ground engineering. He is a member of the AGS Data Management Working Group and is the lead author of AGSi, the new transfer format for the exchange of ground model and interpreted data. Neil is also leading the development of AGS piling, a new data transfer format for piling data. 

Jerôme Chamfray 
Chief Geo-digital Engineer, Jacobs

 Jérôme has over 22 years’ experience with Tunnelling and Ground Engineering projects. His primary focus is to further develop the tools and approaches applied to BIM, digital engineering, design automation and analysis in this sector. Jérôme is member of the AGS Data Management Working Group and chair of the AGSi Sub Working Group. 

Roger Chandler
Director, Geotechnical Information Management, Seequent

Dr Roger Chandler started his career as a specialist in geotechnical data management in 1998 when he founded KeynetixHe is currently a Director of Geotechnical Information Management at Seequent following Bentley’s acquisition of Keynetix in May 2019.  He is an active member of the AGS data management group and is the UK representative for DIGGSml in USA. 

Phil Wade
Managing Director, Datgel

Phil Wade is the founder and managing director of Datgel. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and master’s degree in geotechnical engineering. He worked in geotechnical site investigations and consulting initially, then for majority of his career has developed and marketed geotechnical data software, customised gINT and conducted scores of gINT and Datgel software training courses. Phil is an expert gINT and gINT Rules API developer, and an experienced VB.NET/C#/Database developer and Windows/MS Azure administrator. He currently sits on the AGS UK Data Management Working Group, and the AGS 4.1 Australia committee. Phil co-authored AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1 for NSW Australia and contributed to developing AGS 3.1 (SG) for Singapore. 

Tom Smith
Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Ørsted

Tom Smith is a senior geotechnical engineer working for Ørsted, specialising in offshore geotechnical site assessment. Tom has fourteen years’ experience in industry and his current role is geotechnical management of large offshore wind farm sites. Tom previously worked for Fugro offshore and onshore divisions fulfilling geotechnical ground investigation and consultancy roles. Tom is currently a member of the AGS data management working group. 

Vicky Corcoran
Principal Engineering Geologist, Atkins Ltd

Vicky is a principal engineering geologist and Chartered Geologist specialising in ground characterisation in the offshore, coastal and onshore environments. She is an expert in digital ground engineering and geotechnical data management. She co-manages Atkins’ global database for geotechnical data. 

Paul Chaplin
Data Manager – Ground & Water, WSP UK

A Ground Investigation Data Manager with over 23 years’ experience in both the consulting and contracting arenas.  An active member of the AGS DMWG since 2017 who wishes to share his knowledge and experience about the use, implementation, and occasional niggles of the AGS Data format within the industry. 

Craig Brown  
Senior Data Manager – BAM Ritchies 

Craig is a chartered Geotechnical Engineer working as a Senior Ground Investigation Data Manager, with over 10 years’ experience specialising in data management and systems. He has been active on the AGS DMWG since 2018. Craig is keen to promote knowledge and best practice in data management, integrations and field capture solutions through standardisation and streamlined data workflows throughout the supply chain. 

Mark Bevan 
Associate Director (Data Management Team Leader), Structural Soils Ltd

Mark has worked in the ground investigation industry since 1998 specialising in the ground investigation data management discipline. He has significant data management and reporting experience working on some of the largest and most complex ground investigations in the UK and leads a team of ground investigation data managers. Mark was invited onto the AGS Data Management Working Group in 2009 and helped contribute to AGS 4.0 and all subsequent versions (AGS 4.0.3, AGS 4.0.4, BS8574:2014 and now AGS 4.1). He is passionate about data management, processes, software and standards and is an active member of the Data Management Working Group – working for the benefit of the industry. 

Simon Miles 
Chief Geotechnical Engineer, Atkins Ltd 

Simon is a Chief Geotechnical Engineer in SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins business and Discipline Lead for Geotechnical Data Management. He has been heavily involved in the AGS Data Management Group for many years. Simon’s experience majors in large infrastructure projects, predominantly in UK. 

Jonathan White 
Geotechnical Engineer, Ørsted 

Jonathan joined Ørsted’s site assessment team two years ago, having previously worked at Fugro and Royal HaskoningDHV. He holds an MEng in Civil Engineering from Leeds University, an MSc from Imperial College, and a DPhil from Oxford University in experimental soil mechanics. He is also a keen amateur Python programmer. 

Callum Irving   
LeadGeospatial Data and Standards Advisor, Cabinet Office - Geospatial Commission

As a digital, data, and technology advisor and former Geo-engineer. Callum has a passion for promoting better use and management of geospatial data in engineering. In his current role, he leads the FAIR data programme that aims to improve access to better location data across the industry. 

Verity Wadesmith
Principal Geotechnical Engineer at Mott MacDonald

Verity is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer at Mott MacDonald with over fifteen years’ experience in infrastructure geotechnical engineering, specialising in geotechnical asset management. She has experience in the operation and maintenance of high-profile geotechnical assets and has a passion for improving the way that data is collected and managed to support better informed decision making.

Pamela Rigby
Principal Geotechnical Engineer, United Utilities

Principal Geotechnical Engineer with over 30 years’ experience working both within the UK and overseas on major infrastructure projects with a special interest in embankment dams and tunnelling. Currently active as both a Fellow of the Institute of Civil Engineers and a Chartered geologist and Fellow of the Geological Society.

David Entwisle 
Honorary Research Associate, British Geological Survey 

Formally Senior Engineering Geologist providing expertise/advice on engineering geology and engineering properties of earth materials including geotechnical rock and soil laboratory testing, ground investigation databasing, data analysis, presentation and interpretation. 

David has provided major inputs into many of the BGS Civils products. He is currently on the AGS Laboratories and Data Management Working Groups and BSi committee B526/3. 

Ian Williams
Director at GeoConsult Limited and Ground Investigation Limited

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Civil Engineering (1988) and a PhD in Computational Soil Mechanics (1992), Ian worked as a Geotechnical Engineer at Watson Hawksley, SAGE Engineering, Sir Alexander Gibb & Partners, Cardiff University and Richard Davies Associates.  Ian founded Ground Investigation Limited in 2000 and GeoConsult Limited in 2014.  Since 2019 Ian has also been the UK Representative for Rocscience Software.

Tony Daly
Managing Director, Amageo Limited

Tony is the Managing Director of Amageo Limited, a company specialising in improving the use of geotechnical and highways asset data. Tony has been a member of the Data Format Working Group since 2013 and was a co-author of BS 8574:2014 “Code of practice for the management of geotechnical data for ground engineering projects”.

Julian Lovell
Immediate Past AGS Chair and Managing Director at Equipe Group

Julian is the Immediate Past Chair of AGS and has been involved in the geotechnical industry for over 30 years. He is actively involved in producing safety and technical guidance for the industry and sits on British and European committees. He is also Managing Director of Equipe which is the UK’s leading provider of vocational training and assessment. Julian is currently working with UGUK to ensure geoscience training meets the industry needs.

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