[WEBINAR REPLAY] Striding into the Future with AGS 4.1

This webinar took place on 8th Dec 2020 11:00
Duration: 2hr


It’s been a decade since the first release of AGS 4.0 in May 2010. In response to new laboratory standards and updated UK practice over this period, we have released AGS 4.1

The original AGS 4.0 document has been completely reviewed and AGS 4.1 represents a substantial update to the Data Dictionary introducing the following new subjects:


  • Data Dictionary separated from the data transfer format
  • Major improvements for handling geoenvironmental data and environmental containers
  • Advanced laboratory testing
  • Drillers descriptions
  • Field geohydraulic testing
  • Downhole geophysics wireline
  • Rock abrasiveness testing
  • Laboratory unconfined compression test


This webinar replay provides in depth detail on the topics above and includes discussions on common frustrations with the format. It also blasts through misconceptions and explains what incorrect assumptions have and are being made.




Datgel are gINT experts with a 15-year track record delivering gINT Add-In software like the CPT Tool and DGD Tool, and customised Geotechnical data management solutions. We also resell Bentley Systems Geotechnical Software range – gINT, Keynetix, Plaxis and SoilVision; and resell Golden Software – including Surfer and Grapher. Datgel has been working with AGS Format data starting with our first project in 2005, and today our range of gINT Add-In products are used around the globe to import and export AGS Format – AGS 3.1, AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1, AGS 3.1 (SG), AGS 4.0, Orsted AGS4+, and soon to support AGS 4.1.




Geotechnical Engineering Ltd is the UK’s largest privately-owned ground investigation contractor, renowned for providing a range of innovative ground investigation services for thousands of land-based projects since 1961. From Utility Surveying to all aspects of ground investigation and having our own UKAS accredited laboratory, we are proud to call ourselves industry experts.



Jackie Bland
IT and Data Manager at Geotechnics and AGS Data Format Working Group Leader

Jackie has worked in the geotechnical industry since 1989 and has been closely involved with the Association of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Specialists (AGS) ‘Electronic Transfer of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data’ since its inception in 1990 (AGS 1.0). In 2010 she took over the Chairmanship of the Data Management Working Group responsible for its continued development and progress.

Mark Bevan (MSci FRGS)
Associate Director (Data Management Team Leader) at Structural Soils

Mark has worked in the ground investigation industry since 1998 specialising in the ground investigation data management discipline. He has significant data management and reporting experience working on some of the largest and most complex ground investigations in the UK and leads a team of ground investigation data managers.

Mark was invited onto the AGS Data Management Working Group in 2009 and helped contribute to AGS 4.0 and all subsequent versions (AGS 4.0.3, AGS 4.0.4, BS8574:2014 and now AGS 4.1). He is passionate about data management, processes, software and standards and is an active member of the Data Management Working Group – working for the benefit of the industry.

Paul Chaplin
Data Manager, Ground & Water at WSP UK Ltd

Paul has over 21 years’ experience in the contaminated land and ground investigation industry working for both engineering consultants and GI contractors. He has worked on several large infrastructure projects and has been responsible for the installation and administration of several data management systems as well as internal digitalisation programmes.

Paul has been a member of the AGS Data Format Working Group since 2017 and has been heavily involved in the development of AGS4.1. He is an enthusiastic and vocal member of the committee and is hoping that his experience of being both a data producer and recipient will be of benefit in helping to develop the transfer format, both now and in the years to come.

Peter Hepton BSc PhD
Principal Geotechnical Engineer and Ground Investigation Engineering Manager at SOCOTEC UK

Peter has over 30 years’ experience in ground investigation with a particular interest in in situ testing. He heads SOCOTEC’s Technical Team who are responsible for technical delivery of GI projects throughout the UK. He has been a member of the AGS Data Management Working Group since 2016.

Leon Warrington
Principal Hydrogeologist at Hydrock

Leon is a member of the AGS Data Management Working Group and has 15 years’ experience in the geo-environmental industry, mostly as a hydrogeologist specialising in contaminated land and environmental aspects.  He has significant experience in data management, interpretation and assessment of large monitoring datasets, and joined the Data Management Working Group in 2019 with the intention to contribute towards driving the industry forward.

Romain Arnould
Global Product Owner Digital Applications at Fugro

Romain oversees the groupwide deployment of site characterisation software solutions for Fugro. He is a qualified geotechnical engineer, as well as a software engineer with more than 25 years’ experience.

Romain joined the AGS Data Management Working Group in 2006 and has contributed to all versions ever since.

Julian Lovell
AGS Chair and Managing Director at Equipe Group

Julian is the current Chair of AGS and has been involved in the geotechnical industry for over 30 years. He is actively involved in producing safety and technical guidance for the industry and sits on British and European committees. He is also Managing Director of Equipe which is the UK’s leading provider of vocational training and assessment. Julian is currently working with UGUK to ensure geoscience training meets the industry needs.

Philip Child
Senior Consultant, Geotechnical Information Management at Bentley Systems

Philip has over 20 years’ experience working with geotechnical software in various capacities.  A contributor to the work of the data management and instrumentation & monitoring working groups he is passionate about effective coaching and training.

Philip has a keen interest in a particular aspect of data – the very human process of interacting with it.