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AGS 4.1.0

In response to new laboratory industry standards and updated UK practice, ‘AGS 4.0’ (February 2017) has been updated and amended to produce ‘AGS 4.1’.
Version 4.1 represents a substantial update of the Data Dictionary, introducing 24 new Groups, some of which replace deprecated Groups ERES, IPRG and IPRT and an additional 788 headings.

The new document has been logically separated into data dictionary and transfer format, to allow the the format and the document to be developed using other AGS approved file formats in the future to maximise the potential for web-enabled transfer of data. The rules for 4.1 are identical to 4.0 with the exception that Rule 15 now refers to ELRG_RUNI not ERES_RUNI.

A change log is available to Registered Organizations of the AGS Data Format to detail the specific amendments from AGS 4.0 to AGS 4.1.