Chair’s blog (November 2022)

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Welcome to the November issue of the AGS Magazine.

As we plunge into the festivities that autumn and winter bring, we at the AGS have more than enough to keep us occupied in the darker hours, in producing the plethora of publications and advice for the benefit of our members. We are indebted to company and individual members and their guests for the time put aside to contribute to the important work of the Association. We are constantly seeking new members and committee volunteers, to keep up with the fresh ideas and energy required, so please consider stepping forward.

In this edition we learn about the views and career development of one of our Working Group members through a Q&A session with Associate Geotechnical Engineer Katharine Barker.

We continue the environmental risk management theme from the last edition by following up on the regulatory approach to the regeneration of landfill sites and by exploring the subject of sustainable soil management and the future of soil reuse. Read on to learn more.

On a personal note, I have seen the impacts of mental health issues on individuals in our industry, and I think we can agree with the World Federation for Mental Health that mental health and wellbeing for all is a global priority. In recognition of World Mental Health Awareness Day on 10th October, we are pleased to address the subject in our magazine article ‘Under Pressure’ and to promote the work of the Ollie Foundation.

Please take the time to enjoy this edition and I hope to see you soon at an AGS event, there are plenty to choose from.

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