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This is my first magazine Foreword as AGS Chair and I am very much looking forward to my term in this role. I wish to express a huge thank you to my predecessor Julian Lovell for all of his hard work during his term as Chair (and onwards!) as I hope to continue the great work carried out by those who have held the post before me. I also welcome Vivien Dent as the new Chair-Elect, following on from her hard work as Leader of the Contaminated Land Working Group.

Despite the industry uncertainties imposed as a result of the pandemic, our members have shown a great deal of resilience and have adapted to new ways of working and the AGS has been committed to issue guidance to support this shift. However, I am delighted to announce a return to face-to-face events and the AGS Annual Conference 2021 will be a live event. I hope that you can attend on 22nd September in Birmingham. This timing is a shift from the former April slot and will be separate from the AGM this year as this was held remotely in May. If, like me, you are keen to return to mixing with your industry colleagues in person, rather than behind a screen, this will be a very welcome development! We have sponsorship opportunities available for the conference so if of interest to your company, please get in touch.

We will continue to host on-line seminars too, as these benefit our members who would not otherwise be able to travel to attend and have meant that the AGS has widened its audience. The most recent of these was the Laboratory Assessment and Sampling Practice webinar, which had a very good turn-out and three interesting speakers, so thanks go to all involved. Our busy Working Groups continue to meet remotely and you will hear more from them in this and subsequent magazines.

This month’s magazine highlights innovations in the field of surveying by employing drones and we have articles focussing on the challenges and risks of PFA’s and asbestos in the ground, and also on the digital tools at our disposal in the ground engineering field. We are also very pleased to announce the results of the competition for the front cover photograph of the ‘Yellow Book’, so congratulations to the winner and runners up!

Sally Hudson

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