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Name: Tomasz Daktera

Job title: President

Company name: SoilCloud SAS

What does the company do and what areas does it specialise in?

SoilCloud provides a Geotechnical data management web software (AGS compatible). We are leading the digital transition of geotechnical engineering in France (over 60% of all geotechnical data and tests in France are being analysed by our system). We are also present in the UK and 5 other countries around the world.

Where is SoilCloud located?
Our Headquarters are located in France, Paris.

How many people does the company employ?
We are 7 fascinated engineers at SoilCloud.

How long have you worked at SoilCloud?
Together with Lucas Janodet, we have co-founded SoilCloud in 2018.

What is your career background, and what enticed you to work for SoilCloud?
Together with Lucas Janodet, both geotechnical engineers, we have founded SoilCloud to engage the digital transition in the industry and to make more efficient.

What is your current role within SoilCloud and what does a typical day entail?
As president, I am dealing with medium term and long projects as well as product development, global strategy and international sales.

What are the company’s core values?
Our core values are related to the way we operate. We put our clients and their needs and feedback first.

Are there any projects or achievements which SoilCloud are particularly proud to have been a part of?
In 2023, we have won the Solscope Innovation award, which is the most prestigious prize in geotechnical engineering in France (distributed once every two years). SoilCloud’s software and vision has been recognized as a global change in the whole French geotechnical industry.

How does SoilCloud support graduates and early career professionals who are entering the industry?
In our team, one of our IT developers is an apprentice still attending school 2 days a week. Young professionals have a great amount of positive energy which encourages the whole team to work together to deliver a great product.

Why do you feel the AGS is important to the industry?
As a leader in the digital transition of the geotechnical industry, SoilCloud is strongly promoting the AGS format around the world. The AGS format is something that was ahead of its time in the previous years and the industry is, just now, understanding the great added value of it.

What are SoilCloud’s future ambitions?
2000 satisfied users in 2024. Today, we have about 1800 users and counting.