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AGS Safety WG – Update

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Roseanna Bloxham, Leader of the AGS Safety Working Group, has provided an update on the top issues the Safety Working Group discussed at their last meeting which took place virtually in May 2021.

Client Guides

The Safety WG are in the process of developing a set of AGS Client Guides based on the documents which have been produced by the AECOM DOSIWG. The topics include Cable Percussion, Rotary Drilling, Dynamic Sampling and Trial Pitting.

Borehole Sites & Operating Regulations 1995

The Safety WG have been discussing the requirements of the ‘Borehole Sites & Operating Regulations 1995’ and will be producing guidance to advise AGS members of this requirement. The Safety WG will also be producing guidance on Coal Authority permits.

Upcoming articles / guidance

Articles and guidance on different topics are currently being prepared by members of the Safety WG. The topics include Health & Well-being, Vacuum Excavation and Decontamination Units.

Existing AGS Safety Guidance

There is number of AGS Safety Guidance documents which were published before 2014. It has been agreed by the group that these guidance documents need to be reviewed and amended or reviewed and withdrawn, as required.

If you would like to join the AGS Safety Working Group, please contact the AGS Secretariat at