Breaking Ground – a New Podcast from the Ground Forum

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This free, monthly podcast will feature Steve Hadley, (Chair of the Federation of Piling Specialists and MD at Central Piling) where he will interview the movers and shakers of the ground engineering industry.

The first episode features Yvonne Ainsworth (Director of GDG) and Martin Pedley (Managing Director of GSS Piling) where they discuss the Piling 2020 Conference. The episode is sponsored by Central Piling and can be listened to HERE.

Steve Hadley says, “I’ve been involved with the FPS podcast now for nearly a year and we’ve attracted a really supportive group of listeners. The topics have been much broader than piling and technical aspects of our industry’s work, with regular themes related to environmental sustainability, equality and wellbeing. This has helped ensure that those tuning in are from a variety of backgrounds. Interestingly the latest data shows that over 30% of our listeners now are female, which compares well to the industry percentage of 11%. “

“Perhaps unsurprisingly with this form of media, our average listener is also relatively young. Therefore, I feel that a geotechnical podcast can play an important role in attracting people from all demographics into the industry and building its community. The support of the Ground Forum and Ground Engineering Magazine enables us to do this in a more expansive way. They will help us provide content across the range of geo disciplines and promotion of the show.”

Breaking Ground is available for free download on channels including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.