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AGS Laboratories Working Group – Update

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Will Fardon, who is the new Leader of the AGS Laboratories Working Group, has provided an update on the top issues the Laboratories Working Group discussed at a recent meeting which took place virtually in January 2021.

New Working Group Leader
Will Fardon has recently taken over as Laboratories Working Group Leader. Will is currently the Technical Sales and Training Manager for i2 Analytical and Will’s background is predominantly within the environmental chemistry and lab testing industry.

As the new Leader of the Labs WG, Will hopes to build on the work done within the group in recent years and expand the discussions on a broad range of subjects across the full selection of analytical areas that contribute within the industry, and also help expand the reach of the group to a new and wider audience.

Sample Qualities / Quantities
A document on sample qualities and quantities is being finalised by the Laboratories WG. This document should assist with obtaining the correct sample qualities / quantities from clients.

BS EN ISO 17892-12
Following discussion within the Laboratories WG, a proposal has been put forward to change the current requirements for the measurement of wear of the cone penetrometer in standard 17892-12.

Increasing member participation
The Laboratories Working Group continues to look for new participants from members and to also encourage more people within the industry to become members of AGS. The aim of the Laboratories Working Group moving forward is to represent all laboratories, bringing more focus to geotechnical and geo-environmental testing. We hope though meaningful discussion and diverse input from across the industry we can help to drive positive change and also provide an increased amount of educational material to our members.

If you do wish to join the AGS Laboratories Working Group, please contact the AGS Secretariat at