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AGS Geotechnical Working Group Update

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Stephen West, Leader of the AGS Geotechnical Working Group, has provided an update on the top issues the AGS Geotechnical Working Group discussed at their last meeting which took place on 20th February 2020.

1. What are the top three issues in your Working Group at present?
• Issue 1: Improving soil and rock sampling quality for use in design
• Issue 2: Consideration of embodied carbon in design decision making
• Issue 3: Skill set of newly graduated entrants into the industry, reduction in numbers coming into UK universities studying geo-science subjects

2. What is the status of these issues within your Working Group?
• Issue 1: Sub-group producing a counter piece to article in last month’s AGS magazine
• Issue 2: Organisation of conference for 2021
• Issue 3: Drafting of poll for AGS members, engagement with key universities and STEM organisations

3. Why are these issues important to the AGS?
Delivery of technical excellence for clients and reduction in risk to clients and stakeholders. Contribution to UK Net zero carbon agenda, helping AGS members with carbon consideration for clients

4. What impact do these issues have on Members of the AGS?

Additional cost due to re-work, risk of PI related disputes with clients

5. What should the AGS do about these issues?

Provide forum for discussion within the AGS – conferences and webinars, liaise with fellow institutions to engage with UK Government