CL:AIRE Launches Introduction to Brownfield Site Investigation eLearning Course

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The Introduction to Brownfield Site Investigation eLearning course has been designed to be consistent with the National Brownfield Skills Framework (NBSF), a nationally recognised learning framework.
The NBSF states that site investigation covers the preparation, implementation, testing and presentation of information detailing the extent of contamination on a site and the impact of this on human health and the environment.
Such information should be relevant, sufficient, reliable and transparent to aid decision-making. Set at an introductory level, the course content aligns with Level 2 of the NBSF, is aimed at those in the early stages of their careers or those new to the industry and provides a comprehensive introduction to the investigation of brownfield sites.
The course consists of 10 modules and two assessments. The first assessment is set after module 1 and the second on completion of all the modules. Each module consists of a 15-30 minute video, pdf slides and recommended reading list. The modules are:
• Module 1 – An Introduction to Brownfield Site Investigation
• Module 2 – Documentary Research
• Module 3 – Site Reconnaissance
• Module 4 – Design of the Investigation
• Module 5 – Surveying
• Module 6 – Service Avoidance
• Module 7 – Monitoring and Sampling
• Module 8 – In‐situ Testing
• Module 9 – Laboratory Testing
• Module 10 – Site Safety
The eLearning has been developed by RSK – global provider of environmental consultancy with one of the largest site investigation contracting capabilities in the UK. The course has been reviewed by the CL:AIRE Technology and Research Group.
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