LQM Training Course – Getting value from your data: a hands on GIS Course

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LQM are re-running their GIS course in which they are encouraging the reliance on extracting more value from environmental data sets, including examples of how to extract historic and current AGS data for inclusion into GIS platforms.

The course will involve hands-on experience with the QGIS software and includes:
• basic principles of GIS relevant to contaminated land;
• how to load your SI data into QGIS;
• how to access other open source datasets (e.g. develop your own WIYBY);
• how to display SI data in QGIS;
• how to examine and interpret the spatial distribution of contaminants;
• how to overlay the data onto historical or current maps;
• how to create interpretative risk assessment maps combining your data and suitable assessment criteria (e.g. S4ULs);
• simple GIS operations and contouring;
• how to output maps/plots for use in your reports

The course is taking place in Nottingham on 5th June 2018.

For more information, please click here.