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AGS Data Management Working Group: March 2018 Meeting Update

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The first AGS Data Management Working Group meeting of 2018 took place on 7th March 2018 and the Data Management Leader, Jackie Bland of Geotechnics, has provided an update on the top three current issues the Data Management Working Group are discussing.

5 Year Plan
The Data Management Working Group have been discussing their five year plan, in order to know what the Group will be doing during the next five years. The plan was drafted in this meeting.

AGSi / Ground Modelling
Transferring ground models is a holy grail for the Data Management Working Group and the topic has been discussed on and off for the last five years. The sub-group working on this issue has been recently reassembled to continue their good works.

ERES Code Approval
Environmental / Contaminant codes are the key to AGS Data transfer for geoenvironmental laboratories – if there is no code available for a specific contaminant, then no data can be transferred. The AGS Laboratories Working Group and AGS Contaminated Land Working Groups have been informed of this issue and have agreed to take over the process of authorising the codes. However, guidelines will need to be drafted before this can happen.