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AGS Laboratories Working Group: October 2017 Meeting Update

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The final AGS Laboratories Working Group meeting of the year took place on 17th October 2017 in London and the Laboratories Leader, Dimitris Xirouchakis of Structural Soils, has provided an update on the top three current issues the Laboratories Working Group are discussing.

Incorporation of the published EN and ISO standards to BS 1377, update of the chemical test methods in BS 1377 and the addition of rock testing methods to BS
Soil test methods in BS 1377:1990 are being replaced by the equivalent BS EN 17892 series. Despite the similarities, small differences exist and AGS members need to educate themselves and their clients, as the new tests will eventually appear in project specifications in the UK and potentially abroad, e.g. Middle East. Furthermore, any practical or nominal updates to BS 1377 will increase its applicability. The group believe the AGS need to adapt fast to the new technical standards being published.

Raise the profile and training and certification of laboratory technicians in geotechnical laboratories
This issue is important to the group as any effort to formalise the on-the-job training received by site and laboratory technicians, as is the case for engineers and geologists, will improve the services offered. The training can be improved by offering or supporting online training by partnering with other professional organisations or universities.

To increase participation in the Laboratories Working Group

Member participation of Laboratories Working Group meetings has waned recently even though many AGS member companies have laboratories. Testing services are an important component to AGS activities and strong participation to the Laboratory Working Group should reflect that. If you wish to attend AGS Laboratories Working Group meetings, please contact the AGS Secretariat by emailing