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Not all Office Insurance is the same

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AGS asked Griffiths and Armour to write a note for AGS members regarding Office Insurance.

Not all Office insurance is the same
On a daily basis, professional consultants find themselves drawn into contractual discussions with their clients, contractors and other professionals.

Often as part of this there are various insurance requirements and obligations placed on professionals that can pose a challenge.

Most professional construction consultants procure a combined insurance policy, more often known as an Office policy. Such a policy would usually provide coverage for the consultant’s material property, pecuniary assets as well as their primary liability risks of Employers’ and Public Liability. A separate Professional Indemnity policy is also essential.

Where things can become less clear is when consultants are appointing sub-contractors themselves and often accepting responsibility for them under contract.

On a traditional Office policy, such an undertaking can take the consultant beyond the bounds of their policy.

Why is this?
Insurers have an expectation of the policyholder’s activities based on the business description in the policy and the other information they know about the insured. The traditional Office policy is designed for risks that are office based but is often inadequate to deal with the realities of a construction consultant’s business activities, especially when this involves any manual work or work on sites.

It is for this reason that Griffiths & Armour developed the Workspace Plus insurance product. The intention was to develop Office insurance such that it would respond to the needs of construction professionals enabling them to run their businesses without the uncertainty that the above scenario can cause.

The Workspace Plus policy is specifically designed with Engineers, Surveyors and Architects in mind and provides cover for the following situations that often fall outside of a traditional Office policy:

• Visits to and work on construction sites
• Manual work undertaken by the consultant as part of the provision of their professional services
• Responsibility for sub-contractors on site subject to confirmation of their insurance
• Professional services associated with hazardous activities e.g. diving, abseiling, rail side, and mining
• Fulfilling the role of the main contractor

No two companies ever have exactly the same requirements and it is important to know that your insurer understands your business and the activities that you undertake to ensure that your insurance coverage has been properly tailored to your exposures.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your current arrangements and would like an independent review, please contact:

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