Membership Byelaws

Section 1 – Classes of Membership

  1. Member
  2. Affiliate
  3. Personal member

Section 2 – Eligibility

  1. A Member Firm shall:
    1. be a sole practitioner, a company, a partnership, a governmental body or a clearly identifiable sub-division of such organisation, providing a service as set out in 1 (A) (i) to (vi) below, within the field of ground engineering, specifically geotechnical and, or, geoenvironmental engineering and, or, other related technology. The service must be provided in at least one of the following specialised areas:
      1. design
      2. supervision of works
      3. advisory services
      4. specialist contracting
      5. laboratory and testing services;
    2. satisfy the AGS Membership Panel that it can demonstrate relevant experience; for example, that it has practised in a manner and in a field of work acceptable to the AGS Membership Panel for a period of not less than 2 years, unless agree otherwise by the Membership Panel;
    3. confirm in writing:
      1. the company’s acceptance and adherence to the AGS Code of Business Conduct. Furthermore all applicants must agree to abide by any other Codes of Conduct (as approved by majority vote at an AGS General Meeting of the Membership); and
      2. the company’s commitment to set, maintain and enhance quality standards and procedures for the industry and thereby to improve the quality of professional services
    4. employ at least one full-time geotechnical or geoenvironmental Practitioner, who shall have a minimum of 5 years’ additional experience at a senior level.
    5. Definition of Practitioner: for the purposes of AGS membership, a Practitioner shall be actively practising in geotechnical or geoenvironmental engineering, and will comply via one of the following minima criteria:
      1. a RoGEP – professional grade;
      2. a Chartered Member or equivalent of the Institution of Civil Engineers, The Geological Society of London, The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, The Royal Society of Chemists, or other appropriate Institution approved by the AGS Membership Panel, with a minimum of 5 years’ relevant post-graduate experience
        15 years’ relevant experience minimum if not chartered as in 1 (E) (i) or (ii) above, coupled with the ability to demonstrate a long-term, high level of commitment, dedication and professionalism to the industry.
  2. An Affiliate shall:
    1. be a sole practitioner, a company, a partnership, a governmental body or an
      identifiable sub-division of such organisation, providing a service to the
      Members or receiving a service from them. Examples that may qualify for
      Affiliate membership include:

      1. Insurers;
      2. Law firms;
      3. Technical clients;
      4. Specialist geotechnical or geoenvironmental software houses;
      5. Specialist geotechnical or geoenvironmental training companies;
      6. Specialist geotechnical or geoenvironmental materials, equipment or instrument suppliers; or
      7. Aspiring Members, both Sole Practitioners and Companies which do not yet satisfy criteria (1) (B) and, or, (D)
    2. have been in business for at least 12 months, unless otherwise agreed by the Membership Panel;
    3. have employees with academic and professional qualifications and experience which satisfy the AGS Membership Panel; and be sympathetic to the objectives of the Association and be able to demonstrate interactive participation with the geotechnical and geoenvironmental activities of the Members.
  3. A Personal member shall:
    1. in the opinion of AGS Membership Panel, be a sufficiently experienced geotechnical or geoenvironmental Practitioner, satisfying 3 (B) below;
    2. fully support the objects and aims of AGS, including compliance with 1 (C), above, but on an individual basis and who is:
      1. an academic within the fields of geotechnics, engineering geology or geoenvironmental sciences;
      2. a retired geotechnical or geoenvironmental Practitioner.

Section 3 – Applications and Resignations

  1. Acceptance into Membership

    It is understood that by applying for and being granted membership of the Association, a company or individual accepts all provisions of these Byelaws and waives any and all legal recourse against the Association, its officers, Executive Committee, members and staff for actions resulting from application of such provisions.

    Every application for membership must be submitted to the Administrator on the appropriate form, accompanied by the relevant non-refundable Application Fee (see Each application for membership as a Member must be proposed and seconded in writing by two existing Members. Applications for Personal Members and Affiliates must be proposed and seconded in writing by two existing Members, or one existing Member and a Personal Member or Affiliate, respectively. The proposers and seconders shall vouch for the quality intentions of the applicant.

  2. Election

    The Executive Committee will delegate responsibility for the scrutiny and approval of applications to the AGS Membership Panel, but reserves the right to review the judgment of and overrule the Membership Panel. Ratification of election to membership of the Association shall be by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

  3. Termination of Membership

    Any member whose membership is terminated for any reason shall lose all rights and interests, if any, in any funds or other assets of the Association. Causes for termination shall include:

    1. Resignation

      A company or individual may resign upon written notice to the Chairman or Administrator of the Association. If a member gives less than three months’ notice terminating on 31st December of any year of his or her intention to withdraw from membership of the Association, the shall meet any financial liabilities in respect of the company or individual for the current year and any outstanding liabilities for previous years.

    2. Non-compliance

      A company or individual that no longer meets membership criteria will not be eligible for continuation of membership of the Association.

    3. Non-payment of Dues

      Dues are payable on the first day in January. If the dues are not paid by 1st April, the Member, Personal Member or Affiliate who has not paid and who has been notified of the arrears, shall have membership terminated automatically.

    4. Breach of Ethics

      Membership may be terminated for any breach of ethics, such breach to be determined by the Executive Committee.