Contaminated Land Guidance

Site Investigation Asbestos Risk Assessment – Ver 2.4

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AGS Interim Guidance – published in February 2013

This Site investigation is rarely carried out with the specific purpose of assessing the presence of asbestos on or beneath the surface of a site. Investigations to BS5930 are not directed at the potential contamination of a site and the exploration of the ground may be directed entirely at obtaining geotechnical information or investigating the form of buried structures or geological features. Where land contamination is suspected CLR11 indicates that initial/preliminary assessments should be carried out as the first step in consideration of the risks associated with potentially contaminated land. Detailed guidance for preliminary investigations is set out in BS10175. In all circumstances where work of any nature is to be undertaken at a site, regardless of the purpose, there is a need to assess the potential for human health exposure risks to occur to those who may be involved directly or indirectly with the investigation process. The principal legal drivers for this are the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR2012).

There is existing HSE guidance that can be readily applied to the presence of asbestos in buildings and asbestos that is lying on the surface of the ground. In the absence of specific government advice in regard to asbestos contained in soils, this guidance is issued to AGS members so that they may be aware of their responsibilities and to offer a practical means of discharging their duties pending the publication of new guidance from HSE.