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Loss Prevention Guidance 2017 – AGS Member – Edition 2

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This AGS Loss Prevention Guidance is free to AGS Members. If you download this version as a non-member, the AGS will require payment. If you are a non-member wishing to download the guidance, please click here to download. Please note this is the 2nd edition of the Loss Prevention Guidance 2017 as LPG 024 on Collateral Warranties was published on 16th November 2018.

This AGS Loss Prevention Guidance is a collection of papers providing members with guidance on particular issues that could affect legal liability and financial exposure.  Guidance papers address issues such as those relating to liability, contract, insurance and health & safety.

Papers published prior to 2017 (collectively referred to as the Loss Prevention Tool Kit) were reviewed in 2017 by the Loss Prevention Working Group and a practising barrister to ensure that the legal basis on which the guidance was based, and the guidance itself, was current and relevant.  Where this was not the case the paper was either updated or archived by the AGS.

Guidance papers will be formally reviewed at five yearly intervals by the Loss Prevention Working Group (including specialist legal review).  Issues arising since the previous review that affect the advice given and its legal basis will be addressed.  This could be by the publication of an article in the Newsletter, by the preparation of a Loss Prevention Alert, and/or by the amendment or withdrawal of the relevant paper in the Guidance.

In addition to this formal review the Loss Prevention Working Group welcomes comment, advice or suggestions for additional guidance papers.  These should be addressed to:

The Secretary Loss Prevention Working Group
Forum Court
Office 205 Devonshire House Business Centre
29-31 Elmfield Road
Kent BR1 1LT
or using the E:mail ags@ags.org.uk

Much of the original Guidance presented here was prepared by or following review by Steven Francis.  The recent legal review was carried out by Dominic Ruck-Keen.  The AGS LPWG is extremely grateful for the advice from these two individuals and for the continuing support of BLM.  The Group also recognises the substantial efforts of many AGS members past and present in the preparation, review and publication of this series of Guidance papers.